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Lawsuit Ventures, also known for Non-Recourse Litigation and Non Litigation Finance or Investment, refers to the practice of investing in legal proceedings or disputes with the goal of obtaining a financial return on the investment. This can involve providing funding to individuals or businesses to pursue legal action, such as a lawsuit, arbitration, or other form of alternative dispute resolution.



Our Recognition

Ministry of Corporate Affairs: Empowering businesses and protecting stakeholders in India.

Ministry of Corporate Affairs

The ministry of corporate affairs has registered us with the below registration number U74999MH2021PTC368696

GeM: Simplifying procurement for Government agencies and businesses in India.

Government E-Marketplace

The government E-Marketplace has registered us with the below registration number 8ZN2210004773404

MSME: Empowering Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises for a vibrant economy.

Ministry Of MSME

The ministry of MSME has registered us with the below registration number

What We Do?

  • Lawsuit Ventures provides the solution of Litigation Finance that gives immense relaxation and encounters the given problems.
  • Our Legal Analysis Report clears the confusion about whether the Disputed Payment shall be settled or not.
Expenses of Legal Process

A litigant has no knowledge about the Legal Process Expenses, how much to spend and what is the right amount to be spent.

Resolution Time

Also, a litigant does not know when the dispute shall be Resolved. It may take a minimum of 2 years to resolve any dispute in the traditional court system.

Court Order

Even after spending Years and Months on a Dispute Resolution, whether a Litigant gets a favorable judgment? Does a litigant get the defaulted payment after the judgment?


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