Lawsuit Ventures: Providing Litigaton Finance To Encash Lawsuits

NAME OF STARTUP: Lawsuit Ventures

FOUNDED IN (Year): 2021

FOUNDER’S NAME: Hiren Thadeshwar

THE IDEA: What is the problem being solved by your startup / business?:

Lawsuit Ventures is resolving the problems of Litigants who want to go to court or follow legal procedure but due to lack of financial backup they backfoot the legal process and thus they endup with No Justice. We help Litigants by providing them Non Recourse Litigation Finance so that they can get the Deserved Justice.

THE FOUNDER’S STORY: When and how did you come up with the idea for the business?:

Hiren Thadeshwar, is the founder of the company. He has almost 10 years of experience in the finance and business. Lawsuit Ventures founded because Mr. Thadeshwar had also faced the same issue when he wanted to get justice, and he did not receive the right advice from professionals, and due to financial priorities, He stopped going to court and legal process.

He founded this company with the vision to resolve the problem and boost the economy with the outstanding service range which is made for the litigants especially. Which includes Legal Analysis (Legan) Manual and with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Litigation Funding, and Case to Case public Finance.

WHO IS THE CUSTOMER: What is the typical profile of your target customer? Where would they be located?:

Because we are not having any limitations over the jurisdictions, we are having clients in all over India and abroad too. Total we are having more than 30 clients who has given more than 150 cases.

LESSONS TO SHARE: What 3 key lessons from your startup journey you’d like to share with aspiring entrepreneurs?:

1. Innovate the business which has no Limitation
2. Stay focused
3. Know the need of the people.

HQ City: Mumbai

Website URL:

Number of Employees: 5-25

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