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Litigation finance has been in practice for so many decades, you need to go back to the 1990s..


Litigation Funding

Litigation Finance means there will be someone (it may be Company, Individual, Investors etc.) who will..


How it's useful

Litigation Finance is like a holy-offering for Plaintiffs as it gives financial support without any hassle.


What’s in it?

Lawsuit Ventures

Litigation Finance

Litigation Finance is a method by which Plaintiff/Claimant gets non-recourse finance for their litigation or various legal costs via third party funding entities.

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Arbitration Finance

Arbitration is a Dispute Resolution process which falls under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. This process is the fastest process to resolve disputes.

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Our Process


Document Submission

Claimants have to submit all the documents, evidences with Lawsuit Ventures.


Initial Review

Lawsuit Ventures’ experts will review all documents and submit the report showing probabilities of winning the Lawsuit.


Sign NDA

This will move positively, Claimants have to sign NDA/Agreement with Lawsuit Ventures.


Get Funded

That’s All,
Claimants are funded!!

Isn't that easy?

Case Analysis

Yearly Near about total 3.915% of GDP are being spent behind Lawsuits.
Which may be around Rs. 7,920,700,000,000/-.

References from - National Judicial Data Grid Website

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Civil : 0.93% of GDP, Rs. 1,915,800,000,000/-

Criminal : 2.77% of GDP, Rs. 5,706,200,000,000/-

Family : 0.065% of GDP, Rs. 133,900,000,000/-

Consumer : 0.07% of GDP, Rs. 144,200,000,000/-

Labour : 0.08% of GDP, Rs. 164,800,000,000/-

Determining your success

When you understand that your lawsuit’s worth is not determined by your capacity to spend, you win the half war. - Inspired by Suze Orman
Working capital must be used to grow the business, it shouldn’t be set aside for lawsuits, let Lawsuit Ventures take care of litigation expenses. - Lawsuit Ventures
Strongest evidence will determine your success in lawsuit. - Lawsuit Ventures
Stay alert while doing financial transactions, future and intentions are uncertain. - Lawsuit Ventures

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