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Do not hesitate to ask whether your case is strong or whether you could get finance, submit the same, our lawyers underwriters panel will study it, and share a report with you showing the right probabilities of the settlement that saves your time and financial resources. Higher Probability disputes shall be backed by Lawsuit Ventures!!
Litigation Finance

Litigation finance is a form of financing that is used to fund legal proceedings, including lawsuits, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Legal Analysis

LEGAN is the process of examining and interpreting the law and applying it to a specific set of facts or circumstances.

Co-Equal Financing

Co-equal financing in litigation finance refers to a situation where two or more parties provide funding for a legal case on an equal basis.

Bank OTS Process Finance

Lawsuit Ventures is India’s First company that provides OTS Process Finance. We have the tested-proven process and experts to evaluate the claim and genuinity of the borrower.

About Us

We Are Setting The Industry Gold Standard.

Welcome to Lawsuit Ventures, we are specialize in providing legal funding for individuals and businesses who are involved in lawsuits. Our goal is to help our clients access the financial resources they need to pursue their legal rights and achieve a fair settlement or judgement.

We understand that the legal process can be long and costly, and that many plaintiffs may not have the funds to pay for the expenses associated with a lawsuit. This funding can be used to pay for things like legal fees, living expenses, and other costs associated with the lawsuit.


Cases Received


Cases Rejected before LEGAN


Cases resolved in 3 months from investment


Cases shall be resolved in next 9 months


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Cases under LEGAN

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Different Cases

What Cases we Fund?

Commercial Litigation

Business Transaction, Cross border, Contractual Disputes, Employment Dispute Etc.


Financing Conciliation, Mediation, Arbitration Agreements, UNICITRAL or Domestic and International

Decree Holder & Award Execution

Financing process of enforcement of Decree or Arbitral Award.

Decree Holder & Award Execution

Financing process of enforcement of Decree or Arbitral Award.

NCLT, IBC and DRT (Insolvency)

Financing insolvency and Bankruptcy Cases.

NCLT, IBC and DRT (Insolvency)

Financing insolvency and Bankruptcy Cases.

Class Action

Financing Class Action Suits which is most popular in Foreign Countries

Other then Court Litigation

Financing cases related to Govt Department, such as Revenue, SEBI, IRDA and Injury Claims.


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Lawsuit Ventures’ Top-notch team for innovative Litigation Financing

Hiren Thadeshwar
Founder & CEO
Prashant Thadeshwar
Founder & CFO
Aman Thanvi
CUO (Chief Underwriting Officer)

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