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Get Legal Process Funding For Your Case. (Business/Commercial Dispute)

Concerned about legal costs or unsure about the strength of your case? Acquire a comprehensive case evaluation and explore funding options today! Our team of experienced lawyers and underwriters is ready to assess your case, providing insights into its strength and securing the necessary legal funding to pursue justice. Whether you’re facing a trial, exploring settlement options, or dealing with litigation, we’re here to help you navigate the legal landscape efficiently.

Submit your case details, and our lawyers’ underwriters panel will conduct a thorough analysis. Receive a detailed report showcasing the probabilities of a favorable settlement, saving both your time and financial resources. For higher probability disputes, we offer support through Lawsuit Ventures!

Legal Process Finance

Legal Process funding is a form of financing that is used to fund legal proceedings, including lawsuits, arbitration, and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Legal Analysis

LEGAN / Legal Analysis is the process of examining and interpreting the law and applying it to a specific set of facts or circumstances.

Co-Equal Financing

Co-equal financing in litigation finance refers to a situation where two or more parties provide funding for a legal case on an equal basis.

Bank OTS Process Finance

Lawsuit Ventures is India’s First company that provides OTS Process Finance. We have the tested-proven process and experts to evaluate the claim and genuineness of the borrower.

About Us

We Are Setting The Industry Gold Standard.

Welcome to Lawsuit Ventures, specializes in settlement funding, pre-settlement funding, and litigation financing. We empower individuals and businesses in lawsuits, providing financial support for legal fees, living expenses, and associated costs. Our mission is to facilitate access to justice, ensuring clients can pursue their legal rights with confidence. Whether negotiating settlements, testifying, or engaging in mediation, we are committed to supporting you throughout the legal process, addressing damages, disputes, and breaches of contract. Partner with us for comprehensive legal funding solutions on your journey to a fair resolution or judgment.

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What Cases we Fund?

Commercial Litigation

Business Transaction, Cross border, Contractual Disputes, Employment Disputes, Intellectual Property (IP) Disputes, Business Torts, Real Estate Disputes, Bankruptcy and Insolvency Cases, Product Liability Cases Etc


Finance and Corporate Dispute Resolution: Mediation, Arbitration (UNICITRAL, Domestic, International). Specializing in Business, Financial, Insurance, Healthcare, Maritime, Consumer, Environmental Arbitration, and Government Contracts. Confidential and Expedited.

Decree & Award Execution

Lawsuit Ventures funds cases involving Decree and Arbitral Award enforcement, including Debt and Possession Recovery, Third-Party Intervention, and Enforcement Challenges. They specialize in Money Judgments, Evictions, Repossession, Specific Performance, Property Attachment, Garnishment, Contempt Proceedings, and Appeals.

Decree Holder & Award Execution

Financing process of enforcement of Decree or Arbitral Award.

NCLT, IBC and DRT (Insolvency)

Financing insolvency and Bankruptcy Cases.

NCLT, IBC and DRT (Insolvency)

Lawsuit Ventures funds legal cases, specializing in NCLT, DRT, and insolvency proceedings. They support corporate insolvency, debt recovery, and IBC cases, allowing businesses to pursue legal actions without upfront costs.

Class Action

Class action suits with financing are growing abroad. Canada handles consumer protection, employment, and investment fraud. The UK focuses on data breaches and product liability. Australia targets securities fraud and consumer grievances. Legal frameworks and financing vary; consult local professionals.

Other then Court Litigation

Challenge tax assessments, address securities issues with SEBI, resolve insurance disputes with IRDA, and seek justice for injuries outside court. Third-party funding can level the playing field, offering flexibility and financial relief. Don't let legal fees stop you—explore funding options to pursue your claims against government departments.


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Hiren Thadeshwar
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Prashant Thadeshwar
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