About Us

Lawsuit Ventures is the Leading Third-party Non-Recourse Litigation Finance Company. Lawsuit Ventures is the only company listed with the correct objective with the authorities. Lawsuit Ventures is the only company in India that works at this level. Lawsuit Ventures’ only objective is to support claimants/plaintiffs through Non-Recourse Litigation Finance.

We Are Setting The Industry Gold Standard.

Lawsuit Ventures was founded with the vision to set a new industry in India. Honorable Supreme Court permitted Third-party Non-Recourse Litigation Finance. We work towards the success of the decision.

Our Mission

  • To Support Litigant/Claimant/Plaintiff to Access Justice.
  • To Reduce Financial Lacking For Litigation.
  • To Remove The Adverse Impact On The Financial Statements Of Businesses.
  • To Support by Third-Party Litigation Finance.
  • To Reduce The Financial Burden Of Litigation.

Our Vision

  • Support Maximum Claimants/Plaintiffs.
  • Make Justice Accessible For The Helpless.
  • Set The Whole New Industry.
  • Be The Industry Leader.

Lawsuit Analysis

Lawsuit Ventures is providing services called Lawsuit Analysis. Its’ one of the steps to get non-recourse litigation finance.

Benefits :
  • Claimants will gain knowledge about their own lawsuits.
  • Analysis report will be submitted with the review (Not Legal Advice).
  • If found higher probability, Lawsuit Ventures will welcome you for the Non-Recourse Litigation Finance.

Litigation Finance

  • Introduction
  • What can be funded?
  • Why we fund?

Litigation Finance is a method by which Plaintiff/Claimant gets non-recourse finance for their litigation or various legal costs via third party funding entities. It’s called by various names eg. Litigation Funding, Settlement Funding, Third-party Funding, Legal Funding, Lawsuit Finance etc.

We are aware that Litigation costs are so high in India and it’s lengthy too. To obtain justice will require so much strength, financial backup and extra-ordinary experts. These are the three main Pillars required within the Plaintiffs to move forward.

We align the Litigation Finance process for Plaintiffs/claimants that makes easy access to justice. It also removes all the financial risks related to Litigation.

Our fusion of Financial Experts nullify the Litigation costs of the Claimants/Plaintiffs. Well-funded Defendants/Plaintiffs/Claimants are often able to overcome their respondents and make the access of justice hard, risky and may be impossible.

Litigation Finance (Non-recourse Finance) from Lawsuit Ventures will bear all the costs and risk involved in the Lawsuits of claimants.

Arbitration Finance

  • Introduction
  • Why we fund?

Arbitration is a Dispute Resolution process which falls under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. This process is the fastest process to resolve disputes.

Arbitration process is also called Non Litigation.

The cost of the Arbitration is going up day by day as there are numerous businesses opening everyday. It's common in business to raise disputes, every businessman prefers the fastest solution and doesn't want to go for the litigation in court, thus they choose for the arbitration. Because of higher demand, costs go higher.

We are experts in Arbitration Finance (Non-Recourse Finance).

We provide non recourse finance for the arbitration cases. In India the majority of disputes fall under The Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996. As this process saves the time of claimants/plaintiffs and ours as well. Thus time and return of investments match with the expectations of the Claimants and Lawsuit Ventures.

Why Us

  • We understand the situation of the claimants/plaintiffs.
  • Our expertise in the finance will help claimants/plaintiffs.
  • We know Why & how much to infuse funds.

Brand Ambassadors

Ishaan Ranadive

Shrikant Sawant

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